Meaning / Oneness

Cadence of endless faces
Spanning the imagined hour,
Subtleties so unique
All the same air.
Chance breathes the moment,
Pacing the uniform grey.
Grueling attempts at grace.
Confusing hope and care.
Tired though our will is able.
Together is no choice.
Gifted soul of souls,
The collective
A forever refuge.
Existing in each other and everywhere.
Aware of the lonely call,
Amidst the grand challenge:
Embracing the unknown,
This baffling burden and blessing
Of being
Inseparable but alone.



Desperation at a perfect distance.
Torrential denial thwarts remorse.
Odious suffering across waters
Pales to gripes of local lands.
Clandestine disdain of foreign needs
Challenging floods of abundance.
Sterility upholds illusory compassion
As humility artificially reigns.
Forgery of harmony runs its loop,
Drowning weeps before the sea.



Skin sensing subtle air.
Remarkable stillness
Ready to bare.
Wonder in bloom,
Curiously attuned.
Deliberately grasping the earthly dare –
The dare of each day.
Time’s calamitous call,
Whispering dreams
Of thunderous gall.
Hoping to inspire
Anything at all.
Cool inclination toward a present vow,
Eternally committing the warmth of now.
It comes and goes
And comes and goes.
Reason slows and sentience flows.
Energy the only law
Somehow producing love and awe,
Naturally balancing highs and lows,
Refreshing this moment’s
Immortal glow.



The protector of play,
A fine flash invisible to reservations.
Not lacking contrition for supportive ground.
Obliged to endless terrain
And the clean virtue of oceans.
Viable the shared blue up and down
The spinning light of day.
Across the circle flies
A benign object
Admiring what it does not know.
Easily vulnerable to air
Where nothing is really formidable.
Simply charitable in elegant fashion
Since the sunrise of the earliest era.
Gliding with imperial providence
So random it must be calculated
It reveals its jest.
At home in its travels
Giving madness to method,
Disproving impossible freedom,
Sharing its purity of effortless flight.


Train Vibes

I sense the nearby city and wonder.
Sparring with slumber I imagine
Forthcoming chapters in lieu of elder days.
Graceful howls of a train.
Tender trombones in tempo of neon waves.
A fleeting locomotive symphony
Fading in and out.
I’m grateful that I feel.
A retired child by society
I hear my golden passport to youth.
With gently closed eyes,
I submit to the faint audio of night
Taming the clamor of tomorrow’s plans.
Pacified by darkness and awe
Cherishing my ticket aboard
This brief euphonic voyage.