Why Marriage is Awesome: 3 Key Reasons for Embracing Marriage and Loving Relationships

A genuine, loving relationship is one of the best things – maybe the best thing – life has to offer. Marriage is the ultimate relationship. It is the deepest, sustainable human connection available.

I believe these things are the best, most wonderful things about being in a reciprocal state of long-term love. These three states are the ultimate functions and joys of a loving relationship:

1) Intimacy

This involves both physical intimacy and, most importantly, emotional intimacy. Intimacy offers a genuine closeness, a wholesome bond. It allows for complete openness and cohesion between individuals.

The ability to share your vulnerable aging body, your ceaseless thoughts, and your deepest feelings with another person is the pinnacle of human connection. Nothing is better than being completely trusting and trusted, fully accepting and accepted.

2) Companionship

Having someone to share life’s experiences with – having a constant companion – is one of the best ways to create and sustain true happiness. Companionship is the basis of a loving partnership, and a loving partnership offers consistent mutual support, stability, motivation, and encouragement throughout life. Perhaps most importantly, deep companionship creates and sustains joy.

A deep companionship is an enlightened friendship. It offers interminable connection and reliably enjoyable company of another being. Authentic companionship is a sturdy structure of support, kindness, and hope.

3) Purpose

There are many things in life that establish purpose, but being in a loving relationship is one of the best — it consistently creates opportunities to be actively engaged while upholding a meaningful role or duty.

A healthy, loving relationship gives you immense reason to remain happily active in life. It offers fulfillment. It offers you a constant role, that of a loving partner, which sustains a genuine sense of deep, meaningful purpose.

– Just missing the cut: romance and passion. These things are undoubtedly important for a loving relationship, especially early on. But over time, the three things outlined above are more important, as well as more sustainable and more fulfilling.

Intimacy, companionship, and purpose serve us best in the long run. They are the most sustainably enjoyable relationship qualities that also provide great function. Above all, they optimize our psychological experience, i.e. they feel great.