“Hacking” Meditation

Here are two alternative forms of meditation: meditative moments and meditative breaks

A meditative break is purposeful disengagement from doing and an intentional shift of attention to focus on just being – being still and acknowledging the breath and body, and actively engaging your awareness of your current experience – and this is done for a brief period of 5 – 10 minutes at a time.

A meditative moment is essentially the same as a break but more brief – perhaps 10 seconds to 1 minute – in which you become still, notice your breath & body, focus your attention on presence, and re-establish calmness and clarity in your being. 

These meditative actions serve as great substitutes for formal meditation practice. They can be significantly effective and are generally more sustainable for most people. But if you can sustain a formal meditation practice as well, that is ideal.

Meditative moments and meditative breaks are best incorporated into daily functioning in addition to maintaining general mindfulness (conscious awareness) and a consistent meditation practice.