Calm Energy, Calm Attention

Try this: Say to yourself, “I will maintain calm energy and calm attention no matter what. Calm energy, calm attetnion.”

You will quickly discover that having this intention, and maintaining consciousness of this concept, is genuinely empowering.

The more intentional and more conscious you are of this concept, the more efficient and productive you’ll be, the more you’ll contribute, and ultimately the more you’ll be able to genuinely sustain a state of peaceful joy.

Calm Energy: this entails lightness of movement, gentle approaches and interactions (with people, things, & environments), and stabilizing and increasing self-regulation by purposefully engaging physical and emotional balance across all your operations.

Calm Attention: this enables a more discretionary engagement with people and environment, encourages flow and authenticity in your experience, sustains self-management of emotion, prolongs ability to concentrate well, increases good judgment and effective cognitive processing.

Calm Energy and Calm Attention are synergistic and should be intentionally engaged, either simultaneously or successively, pretty much at all times. Intentional engagement of each concept will enable each other to function ideally.

Calm Energy and Calm Attention have two primary functions:

1) increase ease and efficiency of efforts

2) increase pleasant and peaceful presence 

Increasing ease and efficiency in effort allows for a more productive, more enjoyable, and ultimately a more valuable experience.

Increasing presence allows for a more elucidating and meaningful experience and can essentially help to “slow down time”, which helps in sustaining joy.

Ultimately:  Calmness regulates and sustains both energy and attention. This calmness enables energy and attention to be more valuable and effective, and it ultimately increases one’s potential for improvement, meaningful contribution, and enjoyability of experience.