Mindset & Attitude Techniques

Here is a list of thought-provoking ideas to help create a more positive mindset and attitude

NOTE: These require using a little imagination, but it’s worth it!

90 years old yesterday.

Experience your own young age right this moment as if you were an elderly person just yesterday, and today you woke up with a complete new lease on your body. Just imagine how that would feel! Take a moment to deeply imagine that scenario. This will increase your gratitude tenfold. It will make you feel so much more physical energy and emotional enthusiasm, and it will give you a sense of opportunity – a “yes!” perspective.

The Practical Magic Wand

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with to-do’s and you don’t know where to begin, or if you’re just feeling down on yourself because you’re “stuck”, ask yourself what you would have happen if you had a “practical” magic wand to fix any of the basic unfavorable condtions surrounding you. Specifically, ask yourself, “Ok, if I could have one simple little thing done right now, what would be the first thing I would use my magic wand on?” And then mentally point your magic wand at that thing, imagining when pointing that it’s reeling you into acting on it, and then just take care of those little things item by item as you think of about them and mentally point your wand at them. This is excellent for prioritization and decisiveness. This works especially well with personal care and tedious things like cleaning & organizing. Don’t think of the big picture, or the collective to-do list, just think of using your magic wand on the little things one by one as they need doing, then do those things as if they’re no big deal. If you imagine actually having and using a practical magic wand (which you effectively do, in the form of capacity for action), it can help you refocus, simplify tasks, make decisions, and stay on track.

The Million Dollar Challenge

This is to prove that your problems are almost entirely emotional when it comes down to it. If you’re in a bad mood, or if you’re tired and have no energy, just imagine if someone walked in the room and gave you 1 million dollars. Your mood would change instantly! This goes to show that when thinking “I just can’t“, or “I’m too tired“, it’s simply not the truth (almost always). Generally, as opposed to you “just can’t bring yourself to do it”, the hard truth is you “just won’t” because you’re presently unmotivated and not accessing your better perspective. But don’t let a temporary lack of motivation fool you into thinking you literally physically cannot bring yourself to do something productive or improve your attitude. Again, imagine if a million dollars just instantly appeared in front of you – you would certainly change your attitude and become motivated to do just about anything.

Silver Lining

There is almost ALWAYS some type of silver lining in any situation. Just imagine if an all-powerful being says, “Ok, if you can think of just one little positive thing that might come from this – one possibly-positive halfway-decent thing surrounding this, even if it feels weird to admit and even if it pales in comparison to the negative aspects – then I will grant you significant relief and help you refocus on the big picture”. That would motivate you to come up with something, anything, that is positive – at least some type of silver lining in the midst of the hardship. Find this silver lining, and allow it to help you carry on.

Loved Ones

Imagine your most supportive or most inspiring loved ones are with you in spirit during any uncomfortable or difficult situation, right by your side cheering you on and completely backing you and encouraging you. Also imagine yourself as if your loved ones are in your position experiencing your difficulties, and imagine cheering on and supporting them, and then treat yourself in that same way. Another: imagine your living loved ones had died and now they’re back to life… now treat yourself with as much love & enthusiastic gratitude as you would treat them in this case.

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