You are Never Alone

Somewhere somebody is on your side.

No matter what, there are always people in this world who would agree with you, or like you, or would in some way identify with you, if they could feel how you feel or if they were witnessing your experience.

Just imagine if everyone was watching your present experience on video:  there would almost certainly be many people on this earth, right now, who would be sympathetic and compassionate toward your circumstances and feelings.

But don’t take advantage of this concept by justifying irrational or inconsiderate or otherwise bad behavior. You have a duty as a conscious human to consider others and act harmoniously.

Knowing you’re never alone in essence helps to establish genuine self-acceptance and helps to maintain secure authenticity. Understanding this will help you stay true to yourself when you’re feeling isolated or ganged-up on, and it also helps to maintain a sense of calm leadership in the face of opposition.

This is of course no excuse to be unkind or unreasonable. Make sure you remain kind and reasonable, and make sure to have respect for others. There are many people in this world who would be kind and reasonable and respectful to you, no matter what, and thus they deserve the same in return.

Even when people seem to completely oppose your feelings or thoughts or ideas, you should feel secure knowing that there are definitely people out there who would at least understand where you’re coming from, if not totally agree with you and back you up, if they were present.

There are always people who can relate to you in some way. Knowledge of this concept is a powerful tool to use when you’re experiencing insecurity or self-doubt. Being conscious of the fact that there are many people who would be on your side if they were present is a genuine method for sustaining self-security and self-trust to help you feel genuinely confident & connected no matter what.

Zoom out:  you are never really alone.

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